Our Message

We are the Butterfly

We are all born to be something in this world. A musician, an artist, a doctor, an astronaut; these are all things we thrive to be. Will some of us make it that far? To see our brightest future before us? Is our fate already sealed? Growing in this world, we are one in a million. Not one of us are the same. We are all on our own journey. We come in majestic colors, shapes, and sizes. We are more a like then we actually realize. Shades of brown, shades of blues and purples; these represent different aspects of our lives. Red for a time of anger. Orange for a time of confusion. Yellow for a time of happiness. We are the butterfly.

Day to day going through the motions. Eating, crawling like the caterpillars we are. Hibernating, to one day open our cocoons and awaken our souls to new ideas and new possibilities. For some of us, our journey can end before we can break free from our cocoons and spread our wings to fly. Those butterflies that are left behind wondering what could have been. Only holding on to the memories of our dearest caterpillars. We will make this life count. We will spread our wings before it’s too late. We will live every day to the fullest as though it may be our last day to fly. We will embrace every opportunity that presents itself. We will follow our dreams with the wind before we close full circle. We will share our true colors and their meanings. We will touch someone’s life and leave behind a legacy forever. Remembering all of the joy that came from our flutter. We will be symbolic, in the hearts of many. Forever.

We are the butterfly. We will embrace our destiny We are the butterfly.

We will make a difference Pearl Wreath Pallets.

Let us embark on this journey together and let us be the change we want to see.